I find myself torn at this time of year. I lament the passing of summer yet oddly look forward to what fall and winter bring. October is the gateway month to colourful, natural splendour and the month that prefaces the warmth felt from family togetherness that’s enjoyed throughout the ensuing holiday season. For Opulence, fall means one thing: Fashion! Our editors get excited about the new lines months in advance, and tremendous amounts of time and energy are channeled into planning the best possible way to showcase them.

The World Traveller

As the mercury begins to fall and the leaves to turn, it’s often time to go in search of warmer climes. Although not all of the countries featured here are temperate, they all have something incredibly unique to offer—experiences and cultures that will warm your heart. Pack your bags and a good book. The world has been closer.


Cast off your summer leaves. Experience a change of colour, a breath of fresh air. The styles are fresh, and the time is right for a new take on old favourites. This fall we bring the past to the future with timeless apparel and accessories for the season. Pack up those shorts and flip-flops for another year and dive in to fall fashion with our dynamic FASHION section.

USA Destinations

Don’t let passport issues get you down. It’s time to brave the border and explore the diverse culture and incredible landscapes of the continental United States. Let us be your guide to some incredible destinations that are right in your own backyard.

Future Lines

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